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Here is a list of the Frequently Asked Questions that hopefully will help in answering to the questions regarding our shop and your purchase. If, however, your questions is not answered here, please do not hesitate to use the contact form.

We are a tiny family-run business of two and aim to make long lasting relationships with the artisan masters of Mexico. Read more about us here

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Hours of Operation


  • Our online shop is open 7 days a week. We however have "sanctified" the Friday night-Saturday night as time for our Family. We are at service from Sunday to Friday. 
  • We try to respond to all inquiries within 12-24 hours (expect on Saturdays). However, on the rain season (May-October) the heavy storms sometimes cuts our Internet connection and we need to wait more than 24 hours to answer. We are sorry for this inconvenience if it happens. 



TIP:   Make an order together with your friend(s) and save in shipping costs!!
  • We offer two types of internacional shipping methods: via Mex Post and Estafeta. You can also ask for FedEx service.
  • Nacional orders: Ofrecemos envío gratis a todo Mexico cuando el pagamento está hecho con deposito bancaria (en Oxxo, 7eleven, Banco etc.). Cuando el cliente usa Paypal, el envío corre por su cuenta.
  • Tenemos dos tipos de envíos para pedidos nacionales. Pedidos de Oaxaca pueden escoger entre envío con MexPost y envío con Suburbans a la oficina de Lineas Unidas en la Ciudad de Oaxaca. Envíos a otros estados están realizados via MexPost. Los envíos de Suburbans sean realizados al otro día de llegar el pagamento. Los de MexPost están enviados cada Martes. 
  • All in-stock items ship on TuesdaysIf Tuesday is a festive day, the parcel will be shipped on the next workday.
  • Purchases realized after Tuesday 7AM (CST) will be shipped on the Tuesday next week. Sometimes we have the opportunity to send also during the week. This is due to our remote location on the mountains far away from the post services. 
  • We ship almost all over the world and we love it! Some countries do not have the cover of Mex Post shipping and will have only the Estafeta option. Some countries are not listed on the country list. If you however want to place an order to these countries, please contact us first. Read more about the Delivery here.
  • Customs fees and import duties as well as custom protocols vary by country and product, and are the responsibility of the purchaser.  We do our best to label the packages in a manner that will minimize these costs. Please note that if a parcel goes into the customs, this will prolong the arrival with some days.
  • We do not include the invoice in the parcel as you will receive this in your mail after your purchase. Less papers, less garbage.

  • The Carriers are at the moment registered until 10-20 kg. If you want to make an order with more weight, please contact us first, thank you!


Returns & Exchanges


  • The items do include a 10 days return time. If you are not happy with your order please contact us.
  • When you purchase a wrap or cloth; please try it on yourself carefully to see if you like it. Do not take any labels or marks out of it if you are not 100% sure you want to keep it. Then if you are happy with your purchase wash the wraps before use as they come in a loom state. Our return policy is eligible for unwashed products.
  • Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information about the returns and exchanges.


Discounted Seconds Items; 2nds


  • If an item is listed as a seconds (2nds) that means the manufacturer or us found a flaw during their quality assurance inspection and we have discounted it as such. This is normally a pull, broken or skipped thread, or other flaw. Usually it asks a little home repair moments. In all baby carrier cases, a seconds item includes the full manufacturer's warranty.
  • All seconds items are discounted to reflect their status. For this reason, these items do not qualify for our no questions asked return policy.  All sales of these items are final. 



  • If you want to place a pre-order please contact us.
  • Shipping estimates on pre-orders are subject to change.  While we do our best to provide a worst case estimate, customs and manufacturing delays do occur. 


Out of Stock & Special Orders


  • We would be more than happy to special order a specific or out of stock item for you.  Use the contact page to let us know what you're looking for (product/size/color/etc).  This is no guarantee that we can do it, but we'll try our best :)
  • If it is something we normally stock, we'll set aside one on the next shipment and and let you know.
  • For special orders, payment is required before we place the order with our distributor and we'll give you an estimated arrival date at that time.

Privacy Policy


  • We never share your personal information with anyone ever.


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