Handwoven Rebozos

Rebozo is a shawl used in the Central American tradition for many purposes, and it’s a vital companion of the woman in her life cycles. Rebozo is also a garment and used for babywearing, ceremonial purposes and traditional medicine to name a few. 

Rebozo is an extension of loving hands.

These Antama's authentic traditional 100% cotton Rebozos are especially custom made as 2,70m on a pedal loom to suit also tall persons.

Some rebozos are available also with other lengths. 

In our "Plain Weave Collection" you can find rebozos that are made with plain weave and patterned tails. 

Our "Twill weave Collection" consist of rebozos that have a weave pattern going throughout the whole fabric until the tails where it is combined with stripe weave.

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