About us



We are a Mexican-Finnish family living on the Southern Mountain range of Oaxaca, Mexico. 

When beauty, hand crafts, community projects and high quality products come together, that's when we get inspired!

As also creating things with our hands, we respect a lot the art of hand works and community projects.

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Our story (Well, a very short and not-so-magical version):

Manuel used to pay his travels in Mexico by his jewelry works that he made on the road. Finally he got living on the mountains of Mexico and worked for 5 years in a healing center called "Refugio". Anna came to travel in Mexico in 2010 and found the place in the mountains and fell (or rise) in love with the mountains and Manuel. A little more than one year after it we had our first baby. 

Our first child was our introducer into the babywearing in 2012, although the idea of carrying our child was already imprinted in us due to the Mexican tradition and as a practical and ecological way of keeping the baby close.

-It was clear already much before having children; our babies would be carried!

We lived a moment in Finland and started to sell Baby carriers. That was in 2013. Then soon we moved back to Mexico.

Our second and third babies were born in Mexico and naturally carried since newborn.

In Mexico we opened our wings to connect with more local artisans to create our shop as a space that can support families and individuals worldwide.

family portrait by kuutarkuva

Anna is studying traditional Mexican midwifery.

She has gone to two large Doula courses (144 hours in Finland and 3 days in Mexico) and continues to go to seminars, conferences and courses led by midwifes, doulas and active mothers. 

A mother of three, she has had a natural hospital, home and birth center births and continues educating her and learning about this mystery. 

She has taken a babywearing consultant course in Finland and is familiar both to the traditional Mexican way of babywearing as well as the western recommendations of ergonomics.

Arts, singing and dancing is closed to her heart, specially the belly dance. She is also finishing her course to become a Sacred Birth Dance instructor.


Manuel gets inspired about physical work and getting his hands on the Earth.

Eco-constructing, service in the communities, sowing and preparing temazcals

(traditional Mexican sweat lodges) keep him on his roots and give him joy.

He makes jewelry, takes care of the animals on the ranch and most of the time builds ecologic buildings.

He has a dream to create a deer reserve on our ranch.


We are also interested in cultivating organic vegetables and plant medicines on our ranch and to direct to self sustainable living.

All buildings at our ranch are made by us and our friends.

We use solar energy.

Mountain view at the sunset


Antama is our family-run business.

The idea of Antama is to provide products made in local Mexican communities to the world, and by this support the life and ancient skills and traditional crafts of the artisans, artists and communities who created them.

We aim to make long-lasting partnership with the artisans and artisan societies and to buy the products directly from them when possible, to be connected with each individual in the process of making the products. That creates a symbiosis in between Antama and the artisans.

We want to support the handmade production of ecologic and nature friendly items and to keep the traditions alive. 

One of our main goals is to support also the birth cultures, midwives, doulas and families around the world with our authentic rebozos. We also want to support the traditional midwifery and rebozos cultural context by sharing information about this ancient wisdom in our social media pages and at our Blog.

We find the Rebozo as an important part of Mexican culture and decided to share this gift also to the world for the health of the families through more loving hands.  

Each month we donate 10% of the months gain to local midwives, low-income families and local organizations to support the health of our local communities.


Hand made Jewelry in Process


We take the photos by ourself and when we're not modeling, we have the pleasure of the company of our dear friends. 

A N T A M A means “Given” in Finnish and comes from the first letters of our family members during the beginning of this project.

For us all that we have, these projects and the opportunity to work is a blessing given (antama) for us from Above.


We hope this page can give you inspiration, motivation and joy and that you might enjoy fully the artisanal products that are the fruits of the communities

  - created for sharing!

 sun rising behind the mountains


Anna I received the rebozo today! It is absolutely beautiful! I already have her proudly on display in my house. I will have to have the other nurses at work get a picture of me with it so I can send it to you.I couldn't have asked for a better, first rebozo to signify my recent discovery and passion for natural labor and traditional birthing methods! If you ever get to see those who made this rebozo, please tell them how much this means to me and that I am honored to be entrusted to carry on its' culture and history with every pregnant woman this shawl touches. Thank you again for going out of your way to get this to me!

Kati S.

In love with this sling!! So beautiful. The color is gorgeous, the quality is high, and the customer service high to match. Very happy with my purchase. I am very excited to use this on my newborn when he arrives! Thank you so much!

Talia D.

Dear Anna, wanted to let you know that we've received the rug and I'm so-so happy! It looks lovely in our room with its beautiful colours and of course I love the traditional pattern of it.I'm also very pleased to make this order with you, you've been really helpful, thank you.  I also do appreciate the work by the artisans that was put into the rug, it has found a happy home with us :) Wish you all the best

Gabriella R.