A spicy handmade cushion cover with diamond and arrow patterns woven on it!

This cushion cover is art crafted on a pedal loom with an old tradition of adding some old symbols in it. The diamond pattern is popular in Native American textiles throughout the whole continent.

It has a beautiful base of reddish brown with patterns of yellow, bluish green, red and brown.

The cover has one woolen side and a white cotton fabric with a zipper closure on the backside.

Earthy stylish beauty to your home!


PLEASE NOTE: This item is in exhibition at a local restaurant/shop which allows dogs inside.  

  • Wool

  • Cotton canvas backside

  • Cushion(s) not included

  • Features a zipper closure

  • Hand wash in cold water

  • Wash separately


Measures: 35cm x 45cm  / 13.8 x 17.7 inches


Made by a Mexican Zapotecan Artisan with tradition passed from generation to generation.


Want a custom made piece? Please contact us at sales@antamashop.com

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