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Indigo is a fair trade rebozo made of local organic hand spun raw silk.

Raw silk is a fiber at its best natural form.
The rebozo is dyed by hand with local organic anil plant which creates this deep blue color.
Raw silk is fine and smooth fiber and this rebozo brings silky texture to your skin without loosing the unique beauty of a natural hand spun thread.   


An excellent garment to wrap yourself or your baby around with.


100% organic raw silk
· handwoven
· hand spun threads
· natural dyes
this product supports Female entrepreneurs and empowerment, increases reforestation and prevents migration. 



Indigo is a special and unique piece of art where hundreds of threads are woven together on a pedal loom by women. The same women that weave the rebozos do also take care of the special process of cultivating the silk worms. This includes planting mulberry (morera) trees and collecting the leaves for the feeding of the worms. This takes around 30-33 days and happens on the area of Sector Cajonos at Sierra Norte of Oaxaca.

When the silk cocoons are ready women hand spun them into silk threads. After that the process of weaving starts by preparing the yarn to the loom. When the weaving has been completed the fringes are finished with the incredible macrame knotting.

Then the unique rebozo is ready. 





Rebozo is a handwoven shawl used in the Mesoamerican traditions for many purposes, and it’s a vital companion of the woman during her whole life.



Length: 210 cm + 29 cm fringes each (Total length 268cm)

82.7 inches + 3.5 inches each fringe (Total length 105.5 inches)

Width: 61 cm / 24 inches



fair trade




Washing instruction:

    • Wash Separately 
    • Hand wash
    • Cold Water 30 ºC
    • Mild Liquid Soap 
    • Dry in Shade, Hang Dry 
    • Iron Damp On Low
    • No Bleach, No Tumble Dryer


  • Keep natural dyed products out of direct sunlight. When drying outside please dry in a shaded area.
  • If you want, you can dissolve salt in water and let the rebozo soak in it for 15 minutes before washing. This helps to maintain the deep color.
  • Please make sure detergent or soap does not come into direct contact with the dyed material. Dissolve in water first.
  • Do not use bleach. Some household detergents contain bleach so please check before use.
  • Please be careful around acids, most of the dyes can react to acid.
  • It is possible some of the dyes will change color when they come in contact with iron or copper while wet.
  • During the time it is possible the dark natural color fades to lighter.



Handwoven rebozos are artisan crafted by hand from start to finish and might change slightly in size or contain some weavers knots, pulls or other signs about handwork. The color of naturally dyed textiles is not always equal on the whole fabric but can be darker or lighter in some parts. Each rebozo is an unique piece.