LAZ-Heart Necklace with Amethyst Crystals, Purple.

Handmade & Hand-painted

Empowering Handmade Wooden Heart Necklace With Amethysts!

This hand crafted wood heart has a beautiful hand painted mandala, combined with 8 amethyst crystals to make us remember our inner and outer beauty and to express it to the world! 

Perfect necklace for pregnant women, doulas and midwives or whoever who loves purple colors, feminine jewelry and empowerment!

The heart is hand crafted out of Copal-tree and has a light purple colored base with a hand painted multicolor mandala decoration, 8 amethyst crystals, albata chain and a purple nylon ribbon.

The heart is a Mexican "Alebrije".

We believe the empowerment of a woman is a process that starts from within. 

We also believe it can help to have outer objects that remind us of our beauty and the importance of each life; adornment that express our inner journey. 


Chain and Ribbon: around 27cm long/ 10.6 inches
Heart: around 4cm x 4cm / 1.6 x 1.6 inches


Vegan friendly!

Laz- necklaces are a co-creation of a Zapotecan artisan family and Tokani Artesania (us).

Laz means heart in the Zapotecan language.


Want a Custom Made Necklace? Please contact us at thank you! 


***More about Empowering jewelry***


These unique handmade necklaces are crafted out of a Copal tree, then hand painted and combined with a variety of gem stones and crystals, including amethysts, aquamarine coral, lapis lazuli and rose agate.

They are empowering in many ways; 

they empower the artisan communities and families they are manufactured in by supporting their way of living and know-how of their community, 

they support hand made art in the world and are an alternative for the consumer factory based economy, and they support the artisans and co-operation of families that finish them as a necklace treasure.

They are also empowering for the persons who use them as it reflect beauty and crystals, that are symbols for the women to remember their strength and their wishes for their lives. Different stones have different meanings and are used in many cultures for those attributes. 

Especially during pregnancy & birth many women have started to use again this kind of jewelry with meaning.