Indajani Tiil Blanco Ring Sling

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Hand woven out of 100% cotton. 

 note: this ring sling has been stocked before on a shelter of a physical shop and people has been able to touch it and might have some marks on it. We have discounted the price in respect of that.

This wrap is made with herringbone weave and is black & white.

The wrap is very soft and easy to wear.

 The herringbone weave is a traditional weaving style where the threads are creating a form of rising and descending arrows on the whole fabric.

They resemble a spike of a wheat or a fishbone and create a soft and diagonally flexible, a very ideal baby Wrap.

 It is good from newborn to toddlers. 


Thickness: Around 290g/m2 

Measures: Roughly 73 cm wide

Recommended use from newborn until 30 kg. 


NOTE: Handwoven wraps might contain some knots or other signs about handwork. Slight changes in color or size might also occur due the change in the thread lot and as the wraps are handmade by various artisans. Each wrap is a unique piece.


Indajani is a Mexican babycarrier brand. 

The Indajani baby carriers are artisanal crafted and woven in a loom in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

They are made by the patient and wise hands of the Zapoteca- indigenous community.

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