Handwoven, 100% cotton

Rings used are small sling rings.(.com)

A gift for the most important people in our lives!

With a child's ring sling the small people can carry their dolls, toys and teddies!

Children often like to do the stuff they see the adults doing, and so these handwoven Indajani children's ring slings have arrived to joy the day of our children!

They are handwoven on a pedal loom as it is the tradition in the Zapotecan culture and the rings used are specially manufactured for baby carriers in the USA by SlingRings(.com)

The sling natural white with fringed and has lila embroidery on the tail.

Only available at us! 

Around 38cm / 15 inch wide
Roughly 113cm /44.5 inch long

PLEASE NOTE: Handwoven wraps might contain some knots or other signs about handwork.
Slight changes might also occur in colors as every piece is handmade.

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