Indajani Adjustable Mei Tai Arcoiris Rosa

Also called wrap tai or wrap converse mei tai.

Completely handmade out of 100% cotton.
Handwoven fabric.

please note: this item has been in a shop where people were able to touch and look it. It might contains signs about it. 

Mei tai is a asiatic type of a babycarrier, that allows the baby to be carried in an ergonomic position near the adult.
Less fabric than with a wrap, but can be worn in front and on the back as well!


• The Fabric is hand woven in a loom with 100% cotton.

• The width of the material between the legs can be easily adjusted from one knee to the other adapting to the size of your baby.

• Reducer on the level of the neck to adjust the panel to support and help the newborn babies to hold their head up when they can´t do it yet by themselves and when they are asleep.

For toddlers it adjusts to the size of their body if they decide to be with their hands out or inside. It also supports them if they fall asleep.

• Wide double layered wrap fabric straps to hold a newborn giving support for the laterals of her spine so that she can stay in a good position if her muscle tone is still weak. It also gives the necessary support for a bigger child with more weight.

• An adjustable hood to support the head or to give a shade from the sun.

• Optional to use as double sided. The panel is done with a double fabric for the major resistance, comfort, quality and aesthetics.

• Suitable from birth to 30kg.


• Reducer of the fabric between the legs from 15 cm until 46cm.
• Reducer of the neck panel from 17cm to 36cm.
• Longer straps 2m long and 32cm wide.
• Shorter straps 1m long and 15cm wide.
• The hood 32cm wide and 32cm high.
• Panel 49 cm long, 55cm wide.


NOTE: Handwoven wraps might contain some knots or other signs about handwork. Slight changes in color or size might also occur due the change in the thread lot and as the wraps are handmade by various artisans. Each wrap is a unique piece.


Indajani is a Mexican babycarrier brand. 

The Indajani baby carriers are artisanal crafted and woven in a loomin Oaxaca, Mexico. 

They are made by the patient and wise hands of the Zapoteca- indigenous community.

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