Handwoven, 100% cotton

Bugambilia Rebozo gets its name from the gorgeous Bougainvillea flower that decorates streets and homes all around Mexico. This rebozo has the perfect color to celebrate a blooming mama and baby.

Bugambilia has been made out of pink weave with black warp. The pink weave goes throughout the fabric and there's flower embroidery with white stripes in the tails before the black fringes. Available also with diamond weave with and without the white stripes. 

Perfect also as a short wrap to carry babies and as a long scarf/shawl.

Rebozo is an extension of loving hands.

These traditional 100% cotton rebozos are used by the midwives in Mexico and are artisan crafted on a loom. They are specially custom made to suit also tall persons as 2,70m long.


Rebozo is a shawl used in the Central American tradition for many purposes, and it’s a vital companion of the woman in the birth process. With a rebozo the woman’s body is moved rhythmically, like in a massage, during the pregnancy, in the birth and at the postpartum period.

Now recognized worldwide as a marvelous companion for Doulas, Midwives and Families during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.



It is used e.g. to balance and relax the pelvis, uterus and ligaments to allow more room for the baby to rotate into the optimal position for birth.

It is also used to ease pain, to work with the pressure waves in birth, to relax and connect with the body and the baby and to build birth space and privacy in hospital.

A rebozo can also be used in postpartum period in the sealing ceremony to “close” the body of the mother and to help the intestines and womb to return on their correct places, and to carry babies. 


Around 2,7m / 8.9 ft long (+fringes)

Roughly 68 cm / 26.8 inch wide

Fringe in the ends

Can be machine washed. 

'instructional photo in the birth'


Washing instruction:

Wash at least once before use.

  • Preferably 40 Celsius Degrees
  • Soft program
  • Mild Soap
  • Dry in Shade
  • Tie the fringes together to avoid tangling (Or use a sock to protect them)
  • No bleach, Preferably no tumble dry