February 24, 2019


The rebozos we provide are authentic traditional Mexican rebozos produced by hand with Doña Socorro, her family and new generations of the town in Oaxaca. This family has dedicated their living in making rebozos for the last 45 years.
Rebozo weaving is a tradition passed from one generation to another and consists of grandfathers, mothers, uncles and grandchildren (that are already in full age. We have no products made with child labor).
Like the use of rebozo, also the weaving is taught by repetition, practice, observation and oral tradition. Don Beto for example learned the skill of weaving at the age of 10 from his father.
For us putting our seed in preserving and reinforcing traditional crafts and helping people to be able to work in their pueblos (hometowns) instead of needing to move to the cities in search of work is very important
These 100% full cotton rebozos in a shorter length are used also by Mexican midwives for their special work and are easy to wash and durable. This artisan family makes also cotton curtains and clothes, and is happy and delighted to be able to spread their work and art for the people in birth work and babywearing communities.

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